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Petroleum Substances & Categories
The petroleum substances sponsored in the HPV Challenge Program are organized and evaluated according to product categories. The categories are typically organized around properties and refinery processes such as similar boiling ranges, similar process history, or similar end-uses.
Aromatic Extracts

Aromatic extracts refer to solvent extracts of distillates or the residue (residuum) from a vacuum tower; these substances are complex, highly viscous liquids that contain predominately aromatic hydrocarbons covering the carbon number range of C15 to C50. Aromatic extracts are produced during the refining of lubricating oil basestocks and waxes. The aromatic extracts can be grouped into two subcategories, distillate aromatic extracts (DAEs) and residual aromatic extracts (RAEs), according to the class of lubricating oil feedstock from which they are derived. The aromatic extracts are used as blending components of heavy fuels, as feed stock for production of carbon black, petroleum pitches and resins, and in the manufacture of rubber and plastics. 

To meet the HPV Challenge, the Testing Group has thoroughly evaluated the substances within the Aromatic Extracts category and has made all of the reliable human health and ecological hazard data available to the public. The environmental fate of aromatic extracts is determined by the individual hydrocarbons present within the mixture. Because of their physical and chemical properties, these substances will tend to agglomerate rather than disperse if released to the environment. Some aromatic extracts have been found to cause toxicity in freshwater invertebrates and algae. The human health effects of aromatic extracts vary between acute and repeated-dose studies and between DAEs and RAEs. 

  • The Category Assessment Document (CAD) for Aromatic Extracts submitted to EPA by API which includes the final chemical hazard characterization and considers any new testing and analysis carried out for substances within the category.
  • The Robust Summary for Aromatic Extracts  submitted to EPA by the American Petroleum Institute (API) which summarizes the available reliable data on physic-chemical properties, environmental fate and transport pathways, ecotoxicity, and human health toxicity.
HPV Aromatic Extracts Studies
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